Occupational Therapist

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Job Type: Permanent Position


We are looking for a dedicated, enthusiastic and compassionate Occupational Therapist to provide quality physical therapy services to patients recovering from hospitalization or surgery. The ideal candidate will have prior experience working with children and families as well as experience with pediatric patients struggling with motor skills and overall physical wellness. A successful applicant will be creative when developing new exercises and activities while also staying within the boundaries of their scope of practice.


  • Review patients’ medical history, ask the patients questions, and observe them doing tasks
  • Evaluate a patient’s condition and needs
  • Develop a treatment plan for patients, identifying specific goals and the types of activities that will be used to help the patient work toward those goals
  • Help people with various disabilities perform different tasks, such as teaching a stroke victim how to get dressed
  • Demonstrate exercises—for example, stretching the joints for arthritis relief—that can help relieve pain in people with chronic conditions
  • Evaluate a patient’s home or workplace and, on the basis of the patient’s health needs, identify potential improvements, such as labeling kitchen cabinets for an older person with poor memory
  • Educate a patient’s family and employer about how to accommodate and care for the patient
  • Recommend special equipment, such as wheelchairs and eating aids, and instruct patients on how to use that equipment
  • Assess and record patients’ activities and progress for patient evaluations, for billing, and for reporting to physicians and other healthcare providers

Salary: $30.00 – $52.00 per hour

For more information contact our recruitment team or visit our website for job openings in your area! (775) 800-3301.

Job Category: Medical Occupational Therapist
Job Type: Direct Job Placement Full Time Permanent Position
Job Location: Bakersfield california

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