Welcome to Galaxy Employment!

Our Mission

Our mission is to not only place talented people in different industries, but to inspire them to practice loyalty, respect, honesty and discipline anywhere they go.

Being inspired and having the passion to executive our dreams comes within ourselves. Anyone can attempt to inspire, but it’s up to us to choose that inspiration.

What we’ve learned throughout the years is that organizations are built when a strong supportive team is behind them. If one team member lacks it affects everyone. Which is why it’s extremely important to Galaxy Employment that the right talent is in the right industry.

Not everyone can become a great artist, but a great artist can come from anywhere.

APA. Bird, B., & Pinkava, J. (2007). Ratatouille. Buena Vista Pictures

Our History

Galaxy Employment was established in 2019, but has over seven years experience in employment laws, recruiting, training, payroll, bookkeeping, business and individual taxes, composing handbooks, processing workers compensation claims, injury and illness prevention programs for various industries. Learning and implementing this knowledge over the years made this company possible. We were inspired to share our talent to the world.

Over the years we’ve had employees who had little or no experience in payroll, supervising, crew leading, management, human resource, business sales, etc. But, we gave them the opportunity to grow and train with us. We’ve taught the importance of loyalty and discipline in order to succeed, not only in our company, but in any company they choose to be part of.

We are proud to serve the world and help the growth in job placements around our country.

Our Logos throughout the years!

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